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During the coming weeks, a load of new and exciting information will be posted to our new website, including information about upcoming courses, details of available treatment times and plenty of home remedy advice for a wide range of common health problems.


Shiatsu basic course, May 23-24, 2009 Helsinki

For current and past students of the school, why not check out the "Dojo" section? you can get a free password via email to access these areas, with lots of observations, info and shiatsu-lifestyle news. Video clips of important treatment techniques and chi gung sets will appear shortly.


What is shiatsu?

Shiatsu is a form of full-body manipulation that has developed out of the healing approach of Far Eastern medicine.

In shiatsu, we use a variety of techniques, including pressing with the thumbs and fingers, kneading, tapping, pounding and stretching in order to promote the harmonious flow of blood, body fluids and "Chi" energy within the body.

Chi is a term with many levels of meaning in Oriental thought, but for our purposes it will be convenient to think of it as the life force that permeates and sustains all living things, including human beings.

Blocks and stagnation in the flow of this life force within the body will produce a variety of symptoms.




Conversely, by balancing and adjusting the flow of Chi using shiatsu techniques, we can guide the patient in a more healthy direction, helping to reduce symptoms and improve vitality, mood and sense of well being.

Shiatsu is very user-friendly, in that anyone can learn the basic techniques, and use them to radically improve the vitality levels and general health of their family and friends.

In the hands of an expert, shiatsu massage becomes a tool of enormous power, frequently allowing the patient to let go of symptoms that have been disturbing them for some time.


How can I learn more?

Suomen Shiatsukoulu offers introductory weekend courses for beginners several times a year, usually twice in the spring and twice in the autumn.

These courses are fun, relaxing and informative: students leave the weekend with a genuine feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction.

The teaching language for these courses is English, with simultaneous translation into Finnish by a shiatsu professional.


Shiatsu futon

If you would like us to arrange an introductory course or evening lecture in your area, please contact us for further details.

You will find all relevant contact information in the "Contact" area of this website.



Beyond the basics

The basic course in shiatsu comprises 12 study hours of theory and practice. After that time, the student is competent to give a full-body shiatsu massage to family and friends, with a knowledge of contra-indications, simple body imbalance assessment skills and so forth.

For students who wish to learn more, the school offers the Shiatsu Diploma Course once per year in Helsinki.


Shiatsu basic course, May 23-24, 2009 Helsinki

This 100 hour programme covers 8 weekends (one weekend per month from September to April) and provides an in-depth understanding of the theory and practice of shiatsu massage, including a comprehensive overview of the 5 element theory of oriental medicine, treating problems in the 5 major organs, the digestive system, blood sugar imbalances, blood pressure problems, impaired immunity, shiatsu during pregnancy, first aid and sports injuries and much more. Diploma students are required to report on 20 shiatsu treatments.

Once a student has graduated from the Diploma Course, he or she is qualified to attend the Shiatsu Master Course, a 2-year, 260-hour programme which goes very much deeper into all aspects of the subject, and guides the student effectively along the path towards mastering the art of shiatsu healing.

The Shiatsu Master Course includes a 4-day residential programme in June of each of the 2 years. Master Course students are required to sit a practical and written exam at the end of the second year, and provide 50 treatment reports.

In addition to these courses, Suomen Shiatsukoulu is proud to present regular courses with Shiatsu Master Rex Lassalle. Please see the COURSES section for more information.

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